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Actually, to be exact, CSF Cooling’s new project makes 647whp on pump gas, 807whp on 100 octane, and a healthy 986whp at 30psi with a tank of E85. So what does this power actually translate into, you might ask? A couple weekends back at Motovicity’s Never Lift Half Mile event these figures were good enough to earn the title of ‘Fastest German Car’ of the weekend — no small task during an outing like this, mind you. Ravi Dolwani took the CSF 991 to a hair over 186mph (299km/h) in just 2,640 feet or 805 meters. Or, yep, a half mile.
That’s well and good, but what we don’t immediately realize are the astounding physics which surround a speed like this. Considering 186mph on the 315/30R20 rear tires this car wears, this speed equates to said tire making nearly 40 revolutions every second. This comes out to some 2,050gs, which is to say over two thousand times the force of gravity. Imagine for a second if you weighed 300,000 pounds and were stomping around on an airstrip — that’s right, you can’t.
This car is mind-numbingly fast, and somehow still a pleasant drive on the street. But how?
As the owner of CSF, Ravi was looking for another company demo vehicle that would challenge his company to showcase what CSF is capable of doing rather than simply building a car that simply wears parts they make. This is a car, and company, which is truly walking the walk with 1,000-plus crank horsepower to boot.
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